At this moment in time, we are only offering the services of a forecaddie, the idea of both the visiting guest and caddie wearing a mask is proving difficult.

With the current guidelines in place from Golf Ireland, please see below

“Caddying on a casual/friendly can occur, however where the caddy and player are not from the same household, and cannot maintain a 2 meter social distance, both should wear a face covering. Where golf clubs normally offer caddying services to members or visitors, the resumption or commencement of these services must be in accordance with the Workplace Safety Continued.

It is recommended that before performing their duties, a player’s equipment and clubs should be cleaned with disinfectant spray or wipes. In performing their duties, caddies should regularly sanitise their hands, keep a two-metre physical distance from their player wherever possible (including in advising the player generally on the course and also on the line of putts). After the round, the player’s equipment should again be cleaned with disinfecting spray/wipes. Payment for caddying services should be contactless wherever possible.”

Thank you for your co-operation.


To make your golfing experience more enjoyable, we offer senior and fore-caddies.  All caddies are playing members that are familiar with The Dunes course and have the local knowledge to advise you on blind shots, wind play, true distances and tricky rolls well in advance.

Senior Caddy: €55
– 2 Players – €60
– 3 Players – €75
– 4 Players – €95

Electric Trolley €15
Buggy €35
Push Trolley €5

Caddies can be reserved while booking tee times online.  You may also contact the office in advance via phone or email specifying the number and type of caddies needed for your visit.  There are times when we host many visitors requiring caddies and it is a first come first serve basis.


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